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Crystal Khacherian
Accounts Payable/Bookkeeper
Frank Bocchino
Maintenance Manager
Buildings & Grounds
Donald Dowson
Grounds Manager
Buildings & Grounds
Joseph Fojon
Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds
Buildings & Grounds
Sherry Fusco
Administrative Assistant to Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds
Buildings & Grounds
Stephanie Eatz
Payroll/Health Benefits Coordinator
Business Office
Lisa Lellos
Executive Secretary
Business Office
Thomas O'Hern
Business Administrator/Board Secretary
Business Office
Joanne Origoni
Executive Secretary to Business Administrator
Business Office
Rebecca Ploszaj
Assistant Business Administrator/Assistant Board Secretary
Business Office
Donna Ryan
Executive Secretary to Superintendent & Director of Curriculum
Office of The Superintendent
Frank Pensallorto
Director of Dining Services
Patricia Drewes
Administrative Assistant - Copy Room
Copy Room
Ruthanne Cairoli
Supervisor of Human Resources
Human Resources
Marc Biunno
Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
Office of Curriculum
Andrew Matteo
Office of The Superintendent
Brenda Myer
Administrative Assistant - Transportation
Jamie Carr
Senior Systems Administrator
Vinny Grasso
District Device Specialist
Ryan Kenny
Director of Technology