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Facilities Reservations

It is the desire of the Ramsey Board of Education to make available to the citizenry the widest possible use of the school facilities, consistent with the responsibility the Board of Education has for the proper use and maintenance of school buildings and grounds.


The Policies and Regulations pertaining to prioritization of use and rental rates (Ramsey Board of Education District Policy 7510 and District Regulation 7510) can be found on this website.


Those wishing to use any school facility outside of regular school hours, should contact the Facilities Coordinator, Maureen Nelson:  mnelson@ramsey.k12.nj.us or (201) 785-2399 X21703.

Required forms:

Application for Use of Facilities

Hold Harmless Agreement

The sponsoring organization will also be required to submit a Certificate of Insurance.


Mrs. Maureen Nelson

Facilities Coordinator

Ramsey Community School at John Y. Dater School
35 School Street

201-785-2300 x21703

Regular Hrs: Mon-Thurs, 12:00pm - 4:30pm
Summer Hrs: Mon-Thurs, 8:30am - 1:00pm

Email Maureen Nelson