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Special Services

The Ramsey School District Special Services Department provides specialists in the areas of child study, school counseling, speech and language therapy and occupational and physical therapists.

Child Study Services
Child Study Services are provided by school psychologists, learning disabilities teacher-consultants (LDTC’s) and school social workers. A team of professionals is assigned to each of our schools. You can review a list of our Child Study Team members here, based on your child's school location.

The Child Study Team members provide a variety of services including specialized assistance to classroom teachers regarding techniques, materials and programs, consultation with parents and teachers, counseling, and testing.  In addition, the Child Study Team specialists have the responsibility for the determination of special education eligibility and the development and monitoring of Individualized Education Programs (IEP).

Speech and Language Services
Speech and language services are provided by certified speech and language therapists. Services include consultation with parents and teachers, specialized assessments, programming and therapy designed to remediate the handicapping condition that adversely affects the child's educational performance.

General Questions and Concerns
Please review the comprehensive information provided within this page. For more specific information, you are encouraged to contact a member of the Child Study Team in your child's school or you can contact Ms. Donna Volpe.

Do You Think Your Child May Need an Evaluation?
If you believe your child may need an evaluation, please send a letter to the Director of Special Services at the following address:

Ms. Donna Volpe, Director
Department of Special Services
John Y. Dater School
35 School Street
Ramsey, New Jersey 07446

Please include the following items in your correspondence:

  • Child’s full name and date of birth,

  • A brief explanation for evaluation request,

  • Copies of any reports, including previous evaluations,

  • Parent/guardian contact information including address, phone, email, and an original signature on your letter.


Donna Volpe

Director of Special Services

201-785-2300 x25473
Email Donna Volpe

A message from the Director of Special Services.

Priscilla Gutkin
Administrative Assistant

201-785-2300 x25473
Email Priscilla Gutkin

Family Resources

The Ramsey Special Education Parental Advisory Council (SEPAC) is a state-mandated, district-wide volunteer organization. We offer advice, provide information, and make resources available to parents of children with special needs.

The SEPAC works closely with the Ramsey Special Services Department to identify areas of need from preschool through grade 12.

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