Student Resources

Informational Websites

The Internet has become a part of everyone's daily life for academic and recreational purposes.  Over the last several years it has had a profound impact on culture, commerce, and instant communication.  Today, millons of websites are available for viewing by people from around the world.  Here are some informational websites for children, parents and teachers.

Student Code of Conduct

1. Follow Directions.
Hubbard School is respectful. Do what you are asked the first time.
2. Respect Everyone.
Hubbard School cares. Use correct language, clean up after yourself, and follow school rules at all times.
3. Stay Safe.
Hubbard  School shares. Be kind and friendly, play fairly, and include others. Let an adult know if there is a problem.
4. On Time/ On Task.
Hubbard School is responsible. Be prepared and ready to learn.
5. Think Before You Act.
Hubbard School is smart. Stop and think about your words and actions. Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.