About Mary A. Hubbard Elementary School

Mary A. Hubbard School is one of two primary schools in the Ramsey School District serving students in preschool through grade three. The mission of Hubbard School is to provide our students with the tools that are necessary for success in life. These include strong academic content, cooperative learning experiences, technological knowledge, problem-solving skills, and real-world connections. Hubbard School promotes lifelong learning by encouraging independence and critical thinking. Our goal is to support enthusiastic learning by addressing the needs of all students as they work to reach their full potential.

Hubbard students benefit from a balanced curriculum in the areas of language arts, mathematics, life skills, social studies, science and engineering, art, music, workplace readiness skills, and physical education. Each curriculum area is based on the New Jersey Core Content Standards, and the Common Core State Standards and helps the students attain the goals established in the New Jersey Curriculum Framework. Mastery of the basic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics are stressed throughout the grades. Goals also focus on teaching children to think, communicate effectively, work well with others, be creative, and to use their knowledge to solve complex problems. Classroom experiences are designed to ensure that students develop the necessary skills and strategies to become lifelong learners and face the challenges yet to be defined! Our outstanding kindergarten program was recognized and accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

The hallways of Hubbard School exemplify the consistent teaching of each trait of our character education program. Our courtyard is currently being transformed into a functional outdoor classroom directly tied to the science curriculum. Our media center is complete with texts on all levels and genres, an interactive whiteboard and an iPad cart and houses a computer lab that is equipped with a enough desktops for whole classes to utilize at one time. The building has classrooms to support our preschool disabilities class, a Pre-K class, an ESL program, a full day Kindergarten program and grades one through three. Our classrooms are all equipped with SMART boards and have access to additional technology such as iPads and laptops. There are smaller classroom areas that support Small Group Instruction and sessions with related service providers such as speech, occupational therapy and physical therapy.

The Hubbard staff has demonstrated a commitment to continued professional improvement and growth. Teachers participate in building-level study groups that focus on curriculum areas such as writing, technology, differentiating instruction, 21st-century learning, and best practices in reading instruction. In the district of Ramsey, there is a comprehensive long-term curriculum revision process in place where each area of the curriculum is reviewed and evaluated every five years.

A wide range of extra support services are available for students. The Intervention and Referral Services Committee is comprised of Hubbard staff members. This committee reviews requests from teachers or parents for assistance with students who are experiencing difficulty in the classroom. Should further assistance be required, the Child Study Team provides diagnostic and consultative services to pupils who are identified in need of special education in order to succeed in their school program. The ESL (English as a Second Language) program serves children in the school who speak different languages. and also celebrates the multicultural aspects of the diverse student population. The Basic Skills Improvement Program provides support for students who need assistance in the areas of reading, language, or mathematics.

The Hubbard School students enjoy being taught by specialists in the areas of Music, Art, Library, Enrichment, and Physical Education. The Health program includes DARE (Drug Awareness Resistance Education Program) with a visitation component that is taught by officers from the Ramsey Police Department. The Enrichment teacher works directly with all students in grades Kindergarten through grade three focusing on engineering and problem-based learning units. In addition, the Ramsey Education Foundation also supports varied programs and resources that enrich our existing curriculum and provide for authentic learning experiences.

Parents are an integral part of the Hubbard School Community. The PTO sponsors a number of educational cultural assembly programs for the students each year. Additionally, they sponsor fine arts programs throughout the year with the “Meet the Masters” program, the Hubbard Fine Arts Day, and the yearly author visit. The PTO has purchased extra equipment for Hubbard School including iPads, Smart Boards, Light Speed Sound Systems, and wireless laptop computers. Parents also volunteer in a variety of ways at Hubbard School. These include individual classroom projects, library/media center assistants, and in the computer lab.

The Ramsey Community is very important to the success of Hubbard School. The Ramsey Public Education Foundation helps to support the Ramsey schools. This year the Education Foundation purchased an iPad cart and additional iPads to help support our educational program. Hubbard also welcomes community volunteers throughout the year. The Ramsey Fire Department visits for Fire Safety Week, and the Ramsey Police Department provides the DARE program and the Officer Phil safety assembly.

Hubbard School is a caring, joyful learning environment. A supportive network of teachers, parents, administrators, and community members encourages student effort and growth. All members of the school community share a sense of collective responsibility for student success through collaboration and communication.