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Parents, Community Members and Guests,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Mary A. Hubbard School website. Hubbard School is one of two elementary schools in the Ramsey Public School District. We are a neighborhood school of approximately 400 children from Preschool to Grade 3, a staff of the most committed and qualified educators in the field and an active Parent Teacher Organization. Our school vision is at the heart of everything we teach in the classrooms and all decisions that we make building wide.

Mary A. Hubbard Elementary School Vision

At Hubbard Elementary School we believe that children have the right to a caring, safe, and joyful learning environment. We value friendship, responsibility, and respect for each other. Our differences and similarities are celebrated and accepted each day as we learn.

The Hubbard School Community promotes life-long learning by encouraging independence and critical-thinking. We strive to give our students the tools for success: strong academic content, problem-solving skills, cooperative learning experiences, technological awareness, and the ability to make real world connections.

Our goal is to encourage enthusiastic learning by addressing the needs of all students as they work to reach their full potential. Through collaboration and communication all students, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators are continuously engaged in the process of improvement within our learning environment.

As a school family, we commit to excellence in education here at Hubbard Elementary School.

It is a true honor to be part of the Hubbard School family. Hubbard School is known for its community spirit and 21st century instructional initiatives. We utilize best practices in technology integration throughout all content areas, the STEM initiative and continue to focus on growing our practices in Balanced Literacy following the Columbia University Teacher's College model of Reader’s and Writer's Workshop.

The most influential factor in a student’s life is his or her teacher. Beyond the classroom, we should consider everyone involved in a child’s life as a teacher and, as such, we all make a significant impact in the lives of children. We are proud of the harmonious and cooperative working relationship between parents and teachers already in place at Hubbard School. We look forward to partnering with all of you, and for you to partner with each other, so that we can continue the tradition of educating and serving the needs of the whole child.

We fully appreciate that the primary school experience is a memorable and important one. We strive to make our students’ journey as exciting, rewarding and successful as possible.


Kathy Pina


Kathy Pina

Mrs. Kathy Pina


Twitter: @Hubbard_School

Phone: (201) 785-2301

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