Hubbard School

School Counseling

We are looking forward to having another great year working with you and your family. We encourage you to contact your child's School Counselor if you have any questions or concerns throughout the year. The name of your child's Counselor is located on your child's schedule underneath his/her name, as well as on the parent portal.

Our Mission

The Goal of the School Counseling Office is to provide comprehensive services for all students.  Orientation, counseling, consulting and information management are among the services.


The counselors attempt to make each student feel that there is someone in the school who knows and cares about him or her. Students are counseled both individually and in groups in an attempt to help them develop into independent, self-confident young adults. Academic counseling, group counseling, testing, information dissemination, personal counseling, consulting, referral, research, placement and follow-up are the normal services that take place. Counselors believe in an "open-door" policy. Students may drop in at any time with concerns, and appointments are made when necessary. Emergencies are addressed immediately.  Counselors meet with students in small groups during the lunch/recess program to address student initiated concerns and topics.  Conflict resolution strategies are discussed and practiced.  Counselors work closely with students to address social issues and problems and to develop resolutions.  Specific "social skills" are taught as students learn to be self-advocates, problem-solvers, and confident and ethical decision-makers.

Stacey Linden
School Counselor

201.785.2300 x24539

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