About Tisdale Elementary School

The Wesley D. Tisdale School is one of two primary schools serving preschool through grade three in the Ramsey School District. The mission of the school is to promote academic excellence in a caring environment where independence and a sense of responsibility are developed. Focusing on the whole child, teachers develop appropriate activities that address the academic, social, and emotional needs of each student. Teachers strive to build successful, authentic learning experiences for every child on a daily basis.

Students receive a well-balanced education that meets the requirements of the New Jersey State Department of Education. Each curriculum is based on the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards and the Common Core State Standards. The curriculum consists of reading, language arts, mathematics, health, social studies, science/engineering, art, music and physical education. Mastery of the basic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics are stressed throughout the grades. Additionally, goals focus on teaching children to think, communicate effectively, work well with others, be creative, and to use their knowledge to solve complex problems. Classroom experiences are designed to ensure that students develop the necessary skills and strategies to become lifelong learners and face the challenges of the next century.  Our outstanding kindergarten program was recognized and accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

The school was built in 1952, completed its first addition in 1961, a second addition in 1998, and a third addition in the spring of 2003. The school contains 30 classrooms, a cafeteria, gymnasium, nurse’s station, office area, science lab, courtyard, a preschool classroom, and several smaller teaching areas for speech, ESL, Basic Skills Instruction, and Special Education. The media center, completed in the spring of 1998, houses a wealth of fiction and non-fiction books, a large instructional area which includes a SMART Board with Apple TV, iPads, and a lab equipped with desktop computers. Each classroom is also equipped with several networked computers that have direct access to the Internet. All of our classrooms are furnished with SMART Boards equipped with Air Play, and technology is utilized to enhance teaching and learning at all grade levels using a variety of software, laptops, and iPads. A section of the media center is also starting to evolve into a Maker Space with access for children to “tinker” with a plethora of materials.

A wide range of extra services are available for students. The Intervention and Referral Services Committee is comprised of Tisdale staff members. This committee reviews requests from teachers or parents for assistance with students who are experiencing difficulty in the classroom. Should further assistance be required, the Child Study Team provides diagnostic and consultative services to pupils who are identified in need of special education in order to succeed in their school program. The ELL (English  Language Learners) program serves the children in the school who speak different languages. This program also celebrates the multi-cultural aspects of the diverse student population. The Basic Skills Improvement Program provides support for students who need assistance in the areas of reading, language, or mathematics.

The Tisdale School students enjoy being taught by specialists in the areas of Music, Art, Library/Media, Enrichment and Physical Education/Health. The Enrichment teacher works directly with all students in grades Kindergarten through grade three focusing on engineering and problem based learning units. In addition, the Ramsey Education Foundation also supports varied programs and resources that enrich our existing curriculum and provide for authentic learning experiences.

Parents are also an integral part of the school community. They volunteer and provide funds for a variety of activities which support the mission of the school such as volunteering in the library, reading with children in individual classes, helping with classroom activities, and participating in PTO projects. Family Sing and the Grandfriend’s Tea serve as symbols of the school’s belief in the importance of families and the school reading and sharing traditions together. Parents serve as mentors in the student run school store and presenters in the Meet the Masters art appreciation program.

The Tisdale staff has demonstrated a commitment to continued professional improvement and growth.  Teachers participate in building level study groups that focus on curriculum areas such as writing, technology, differentiating instruction, 21st century learning and best practices in reading instruction. In the district of Ramsey there is a comprehensive long-term curriculum revision process in place where each area of the curriculum is reviewed and evaluated every five years.

Tisdale School is an exciting learning community. The students have the opportunity to participate and become involved with visiting authors, illustrators, scientists, musicians, and dancers through fine assembly programs. Children have performed on stage, conducted research, solved complex mathematical problems, studied a variety of topics, and discovered the joy of reading and writing. They have learned the importance of helping others through various community service projects throughout the school year such as the food and coat drive.  Students are also exposed to the character trait of the month such as honesty, kindness, and responsibility through literature, song, and projects. All of these experiences enrich and support learning at Tisdale School.

The students thrive in an atmosphere that is rich in educational opportunities. They are nurtured by a caring network of teachers, parents, administrators, and community members who recognize the vital role of a neighborhood school.