Student Assistance Counselor

I am excited to work with students, families, and community in Ramsey!  As a Student Assistance Counselor my role is to be able to identify, address, and monitor individual students as well as coordinate and oversee district prevention and intervention efforts.  I work with students and families in order to address substance abuse issues and mental health concerns.  My services are confidential.  I work with students on a one on one basis and also in group settings.  I work to build relationships with students who may be struggling emotionally and find coping skills so that they can function within the school and community.  

For Students

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Ms. Sunni Roberts

Student Assistance Counselor Ramsey High School

201-785-2300 x21628



CarePlus  NJ provides comprehensive, recovery-focused integrated primary and mental health care for individuals in the Northern New Jersey area.

West Bergen Mental Health

The West Bergen Mental Healthcare promotes psychological health and personal growth.  Through comprehensive treatment supportive services, they respond to the needs of the families and community in which they serve. 


PerformCare provides a high quality behavioral health solutions for families, children, and the community.

Stigma Free

Everyone can be invovled in making Ramsey a Stigma-Free Zone.  Here are some links for community stakeholders to receive training.  There are also a list of events that can help spead awareness of mental illness.  There are also lists of local resources within the community for mental illness.