Ramsey High School - Program of Studies

The Ramsey High School Program of Studies provides a comprehensive summary of the courses currently offered at Ramsey High School. It is important for students to have access to this information to make informed decisions about their academic plan and course selections.

While the Program of Studies is comprehensive, it does not convey all of the information a student needs to make the most beneficial course selections and to develop an academic plan.  Self-knowledge and input from others provide critical information in making decisions and in the planning of a student's schedule.  Students should consider their interests, talents, and goals as courses are selected.  In addition, consultation with parents, counselors, and teachers, each of whom can help provide insight and guidance in developing an academic plan, is also imperative.

The Program of Studies document specifically explains the courses offered at Ramsey High School and provides brief explanations of departmental philosophy and course goals. For specific information about any course units of study, please visit our Curriculum Blueprint, where you’ll find every unit, for every course, in detail.

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