Dater Dateline

Dater Dateline is a television show sponsored by the Ramsey Public Education Foundation.  We would like to graciously thank The Ramsey Public Education Foundation because Dater Dateline would not be possible without their support.  

Although Dater Dateline is a 5th grade remote television show, all students in Dater School can participate in the show.  Each episode we will have Pet Parade, Kid Stars, and Book Review, and these segments are open to all students in Dater School. 

On Pet Parade, students will be randomly chosen to have their pets featured with them on Dater Dateline. In this segment, students will bring their pets to a Zoom Meeting and they will be interviewed by a 5th grade student.  Usually, 10-15 questions are asked. 

On Kid Stars, students will be interviewed about their many talents.  In the past, students have talked about many different talents they have, like being on a soccer team, their pottery skills, a musical instrument they play, or their lego collection. You can share anything from singing or dancing, showing us a hobby, showing us a collection, or sharing stories of your favorite sport.  

We also have a segment called Book Review, where students review their favorite book.  

Remember, these segments are open to all fourth and fifth grade students in Dater School. If you  would like to participate in either of these,click the Google Form link to sign up for Dater Dateline. Fill out this form if you are interested in being featured on an episode of Dater Dateline.  You can fill out the information for one or multiple segments.  Students will then be randomly selected to participate in Kid Stars, Pet Parade, or Book Review.  Mr. Quinlan will have to confirm with your parents that you will be able to participate in the segment.

Thank you,
Roger Quinlan