Welcome to John Y. Dater School Grade 4 Re-Enrollment

The Ramsey School District Board of Education will conduct a re-enrollment of all existing students that will be attending Grade 4 at Dater school in September 2017.


Dear Rising Grade 4 Families,

Ramsey Public Schools continue to excel at a time when many public schools are moving backward or at best standing still.  As a Ramsey resident, your child is entitled to attend the Ramsey School District. It is also important to ensure that only the appropriate students are being educated on a tuition-free basis.  When you originally enrolled your child in the district, you provided residency verification documentation. Since that time, the Board of Education has revised the policy for registering a student to include re-enrollment of all students entering grades 4 and 9 as well as the required documentation.

The re-enrollment process requires families to:

  1.  Complete the appropriate Ramsey Residency Form and/or Affidavit (A,B,C or D)
          Ramsey Proof of Residency Forms.

  1.  Submit four documents of eligibility for student enrollment.

The Ramsey Board of Education is requesting a deed or lease as the student's primary form of eligibility.

See below for acceptable options for the additional three pieces of eligibility.


All documentation must be submitted in person at Dater School.

Ramsey Proof of Residency Forms - All existing students that will be attending Grade 4 at Dater School must be re-enrolled by the beginning of school.


Matthew J. Murphy, Ed. D.
Superintendent of Schools