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Recognition for Mr. Doug Gipple


Students organized a well-deserved celebration of Mr. Gipple at the RHS Musical.

Meet Mr. Doug Gipple, RHS English & Drama Teacher, retiring in June after 30 years of dedicated service to Ramsey.

What they’re saying: “In his 30 years at RHS, we estimate that Doug Gipple has led more than 150 productions on the RHS Stage, as well as a few on the outdoor ‘Big Stage’ too! He has profoundly impacted a generation of RHS theater students, many of whom recently came together to put together a scholarship in Doug's name to commemorate his career.” - Mr. Ken Veit, K-12 Fine Arts & K-8 World Language Supervisor.

One fun thing: Mr. Gipple’s final production, Crazy for You, was a smash hit! Bravo! 👏