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This year Ramsey High School added AP Psychology as an elective for seniors. This is the fourth AP course offered in the Social Studies Department, which also offers AP U.S. History, AP Human Geography, and AP U.S. Government and Politics.

Working alongside Ms. Ann Alcaide, a teacher with vast experience teaching Psychology in Ramsey, students explore the concepts, theories, ideas, and methods involved in the scientific study of human behavior and cognitive processes. Students will develop a wide range of transferable skills, including research methodology, the interpretation and use of data, and the application of psychological concepts and theories to authentic and real-life scenarios. 

“AP Psychology meets the departmental goal of expanding elective opportunities while fostering inclusive and interactive classroom experiences for our range of diverse learners,” said RHS Principal Dr. Michael Thumm. “It also provides the opportunity for students to develop the core competencies of the Profile of a Ramsey Graduate.” 

AP 2D Art and Design

New this year, the Fine Arts Department offers AP 2D Art and Design to seniors. The recently revised curriculum for this program fosters students’ development of artistic mindsets. Students will develop skills in three broad areas, all of which are central to how artists think and work: inquiring and investigating artistic materials, processes, and ideas; making art through practice, experimentation, and revision; and communicating information about art.

“Adding the AP 2D Art and Design course to the high school’s offerings was a natural fit, as it supports district, building, and departmental goals,” said RHS Principal Dr. Michael Thumm. “Through creating a portfolio of artwork through a sustained investigation, students will have the opportunity to directly utilize many of the Ramsey Portrait of a Graduate competencies including critical thinking, communication, creativity, self-direction, and reflection.”

In addition, the AP course requirement closely aligns with the required components of the Senior Profile Project. Taught by long-time art teacher Mr. David Levinson, this course will provide a great way for students to complete their profile project and prepare for college.