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What Makes Up the Ramsey Experience?

School is more than a place for academic subjects. It’s a place to learn how to manage time, work with others and motivate oneself. It’s an opportunity to explore where interests lie and develop as an individual. Ramsey School District calls this the Ramsey Experience: the magical mix of opportunities and guidance that helps students be curious self-directed learners with the confidence to try and the abilities to succeed beyond a classroom and any of its tests.


Here is what a sampling of 2022 graduates described as their Ramsey Experience.

  • Chris Huber: My school experience taught me how to juggle multiple things at once, and now I will be able to manage that later in life. Also, I liked the freedom of going out for lunch.

  • Ian Rountree: I appreciated the amount of hands-on help that teachers and staff gave me when I was struggling in classes, they gave me every opportunity to succeed.

  • Gianna Cuozzo: The Profile Project, especially, helped teach me self-direction, as it gave me freedom to work on a long-term project outside of the classroom. I was able to set my own goals and deadlines to ensure I was keeping up with my project.

  • John Cichonski: My experience gave me many of the skills I will use for the rest of my life, from better communication to helping me out of my introverted shell. Through many diverse classes, especially in the business sector, it will prepare me better for college and my future career.

  • Robert Alanakyan: I appreciated the variety of teachers in the school. Having teachers with different backgrounds gave me a bigger outlook on life.

  • Matthew Weir: My Profile Project taught me patience. It also taught me time management.

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