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Profile Projects Teach Key Skills

Ramsey students wrapped up the school year with projects that demonstrated their learning beyond academics. They focused on the competencies outlined in the community-driven Profile of a Ramsey Graduate, which are noted as being important for students to possess upon high school graduation. Profile Projects call on students in grades 3, 5, 8 and 12 to create interdisciplinary work to showcase their development of these competencies.

Some Dater School fifth-graders opted to present their Profile Projects on stage to a live audience of classmates, teachers, parents, and community members. They selected topics that interested them, and then planned, researched, wrote and presented them in the celebrated style of TED Talks. Topics included the effects of screen time, impact of college costs, reduction of homework, and discrimination against people of Asian American and Pacific Islander descent.

Less Homework project

For high school seniors, Profile Projects are a chance to draw on everything they have learned and weave it together. They can give students a chance to delve into the subject(s) they will study in college.

Annabel Kazias, a graduate of the Class of 2022, said her Profile Project taught her “the importance of doing something for myself and my own choices, over what someone else wanted. I loved the amount of choice and versatility the project required.” Her capstone project explored American Sign Language & the Impact of Deaf Culture in Peru. It will make a great foundation for the work Annabel will face in her next step at Sacred Heart University, where she will study communication sciences and disorders/speech pathology.

Nora Crowley’s Profile Project considered how education can transform communities. She created a presentation for the ESL (English as a Second Language) students at Dater School to teach them about oral health. The experience “taught me how to work independently, how to accomplish my goals, and how to adapt to certain challenges,” she said. It also proved to her that she is “most effective when I am passionate about a project.” Nora will continue her education at Fairfield University’s pre-dental program.

Nora and Annabel were among the 26 Ramsey High School students who earned the New Jersey Seal of Biliteracy for attaining proficiency in at least one language in addition to English. While they studied Spanish, other Seal of Biliteracy recipients studied French, Korean and Latin.