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The Teaching of Argument Writing in the High School

In this video, Ms. Derleth, Ms. Colucci, Mr. Walsh, and Ms. Altiero share how we teach high school students to make complex and well-reasoned arguments. Over the course of the last few months, Mr. Lacherza (Supervisor of English Language Arts) has shared how we teach students in Ramsey to communicate clearly and effectively through opinion and argument writing from Kindergarten through Grade 12. 

As an example of students writing authentically in order to meet the ELA transfer goal of communicating clearly and effectively while considering audience, purpose, and the appropriate use of language, 8th graders recently dove into investigative blogging and podcasting where they read a variety of types of informational texts around the same topic of their choice and passion. They learned the qualities and characteristics of informational texts as well as how each presents a perspective on a topic. Then students researched, planned, and drafted their own informational writing as bloggers or podcasters. Students then published multiple short informational pieces such as blogs, vlogs, and podcasts. In the pieces linked below, these students followed their true passion for sports writing and reading.



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