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RHS Senior Artwork

Artwork of RHS Senior
selected for state-level expo

The artwork of Jacqueline Browstein (RHS senior) was selected for the state-level art exhibition by the Art Educators of New Jersey, a teacher-driven organization that advocates for the visual arts. AENJ marked Youth Art Month in March with a call for pieces that embodied the theme “Art Connects Us.”


The work of 11 RHS students was featured in the Bergen County AENJ Youth Art Month Exhibition.

Jacqueline's "In The Garden Of Youth” was the only one that was advanced to the virtual state-level expo. She used it to draw parallels between her own life and the life cycle of nature.


“When I was little, I was a flower, full of color and innocence, young and free,” Jacqueline said. “As I entered my teenage years, I went through metamorphosis, spreading my wings and flying to adulthood. “Today I stand strong like a willow tree,” she continued. “I blow with the wind of life and I grow stronger and more knowledgeable with time.”


Her “roots” are firmly in the ground; they lead to blooming flowers that continually remind her of youthful memories.


A second piece by Jacqueline was also accepted for county-level honors. That painting of a fish is called "Murky Mischief.”


The teacher guiding these efforts was Ms. Danielle Robertson.


Arts are a crucial part of the Ramsey experience. That investment starts in early elementary grades and often leads to recognition well beyond the district and region.

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