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District's policy for residency is strong

Recently there was a revival of old rumors that persist without proof – the idea that students from other towns are incorrectly enrolled in Ramsey schools.

As a reminder, the District has a process in place to support the rules of residency.

A few students travel from other towns to Ramsey for reasons that are allowed, in fact required, by state law. The reasons cross into the personal lives of those students, and there is no compelling reason to discuss them.

It is not uncommon for a very small number of students each year to leave the District after a review finds they were not eligible.

In the 2020-21 school year, the District contracted with Verify Residence to double-check student records. That was not prompted by anything more than persistent rumors and the need to independently confirm or refute them. It showed the typical (very small) number of ineligible students who were then un-enrolled.

A few years ago, the District strengthened its policy by requiring re-enrollment for students in grade 4 and grade 9. That process adds checkpoints for reviewing proof of residency (beyond the usual kindergarten enrollment).