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Parent Academy - Dec. 1 - Mind of the Athlete

Join us: Wednesday, December 1
RHS Auditorium, 7:30 pm
The Mind of the Athlete: Best Practices
for Parenting Today's Student-Athlete
Featuring Dr. Jarrod Spence


Ramsey School District is partnering with Dr. Jarrod Spencer from Mind of an Athlete, to work with our high school coaches on mental health and sports psychology. The Mind of the Athlete is dedicated to improving the emotional health and performance of athletes by focusing on how the mind works best allowing our student-athletes to compete at their fullest mental capability in academics and athletics. Dr. Jarrod Spencer serves as the sports psychologist for several professional teams and individual professional athletes. He also works closely with NCAA teams, including teams at Princeton University, Lehigh University and the University of Maryland. Dr. Jarrod Spencer has recently appeared on CNN and BBC discussing the need to provide athletes with more ‘tools in their mental toolbox’ to better manage the emotionality associated with the pandemic’s impact. In this parent academy, Dr. Spencer will focus on Best Practices for parents of today’s athletes.