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Annual Assessment Report

Ramsey School District Annual Standardized Testing Report to BOE

At the October 26th Board of Education meeting, Dr. Matteo made a comprehensive presentation about standardized testing in the district.  As required by state statute, the District is required to provide a trend and comparative analysis including reporting disaggregated data by subgroups which includes state-defined categories such as race, gender, economically disadvantaged, and special education.  

As you will see, the overall achievement on these standardized tests is high in the district and trending in the right direction.  There are also data points that illustrate that we are not finished with our work of improving outcomes for all students.  As a learning organization, we are in a state of continuous improvement and we realize that our work will never be finished.

Despite the high numbers, Dr. Matteo cautioned against the over-reliance on standardized testing as the sole measure of educational quality in the district.  While the District does take these assessments seriously and performs well on them, we strive to keep in mind that they are one data point - a snapshot.  In Ramsey, we believe that sound assessment is more like a photo album with multiple and varied sources of evidence, collected over time.  Furthermore, we believe that not everything that matters can be measured well by a standardized test. We have many different kinds of assessments aligned to our curriculum including the use of more traditional unit tests, quizzes, skills checks, along with more performance-based assessments.  And of course our Profile Projects in Grades 3, 5, and 8 and Defenses of Learning in Grade 12, which measure student growth and proficiency on the competencies of the Profile of a Ramsey Graduate.