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Inclusion Lives Here

Inclusion Lives Here! 

September 28, 2021 Presentation to the Board of Education

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At Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting, there was a moving presentation that focused on how Ramsey High School continues to promote a more inclusive learning environment for all students through extracurricular activities and clubs such as Best Buddies and Special Olympics. Ramsey High School established a Best Buddies Chapter in 2019 and starting this fall, Special Olympics is now an official club at the school.

The education of young people is a complex undertaking.  It is often not easy to measure using statistics and should not be simplified into arbitrary rankings.  The two programs highlighted in this presentation are prime examples of student experiences that are not easily measured but enhance the student experience for all our Ramsey students and strengthen our school community.

We are proud that Ramsey is a community that celebrates all individuals and all abilities.