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New Year, Same Goals

New Year, Same Goals
by Dr. Andrew Matteo, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Going to “back to school” has always been a very exciting time filled with the hope that a new school year brings. It also signifies changes that can be both exciting and anxiety-producing. The last 18 months have brought more change to education than any 18 month stretch beforehand. Coupled with the amazing new construction and the historic launch of full-day kindergarten, this year’s back-to-school season in Ramsey has more changes than usual. However, in the context of all of those changes, our district’s vision and academic goals remain the same. We continue to stay laser-focused on our four overarching goals:

Developing a Ramsey Graduate means intentionally fostering the competencies outlined in the Profile of a Ramsey Graduate. In 2018, over 1000 members of the Ramsey community including parents, students, and teachers collectively decided upon the 10 competencies that are most important to our Ramsey community and essential to success in the modern world. We have been able to lean into our Profile during these difficult times as skills like empathy, adaptability, critical thinking, and self-direction have become more important than ever.

Teaching for Understanding means a curriculum is designed to provide a balance of what students know and what they can do with what they know. The foundation of our Profile of a Ramsey is Content Mastery, which means the core ideas of the academic disciplines. Procedural skills and core knowledge are essential to the development of a Ramsey graduate and the building blocks on which understanding is built. Ultimately we want all students to be able to explain and apply their learning to demonstrate their deep understanding of core ideas.

Achieving Excellence Through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is providing positive and enriching learning opportunities that allow all students to grow and develop to their greatest potential. Simply put, all students are welcome here. 

Enhancing the Student Experience is simply defined as providing Ramsey students with the best possible learning experience. It is purposely broad to encompass all aspects of the student experience. It reminds us that our primary mission is and should always be the students.

The slide deck above gives a brief overview of each goal and what it looks like in practice around the district. You will hear more about these goals from each principal at Back to School Night as well as learn more about how each goal sets a positive direction for learning at the classroom level.

Change can be good. But sometimes consistency is needed.