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Updated Travel Guidance

New Jersey strongly discourages all non-essential interstate travel at this time. 


  • Unvaccinated travelers and residents returning from any U.S. state or territory beyond the immediate region (New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware) for more than 24 hours must self-quarantine following recommendations from the CDC:

    • Unvaccinated travelers should get tested 3–5 days after travel and stay home and self-quarantine for 7 days after travel, even if their test is negative.

    • Unvaccinated travelers who do not get tested should stay home and self-quarantine for 10 days after travel.

    • Travelers who test positive, or develop symptoms of COVID-19, should isolate and follow public health recommendations.


  • Fully vaccinated travelers or those who have recovered from COVID-19 in the past three months no longer need to quarantine or get tested before/after domestic travel following these guidelines:

    • It has been more than 2 weeks since you received your second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine;

    • It has been more than 2 weeks since your received your first and only dose of the Janssen/Johnson and Johnson vaccine; or,

    • You have clinically recovered from COVID-19 in the past three months.


  • International travel requires testing upon return to the United States for both unvaccinated and fully vaccinated travelers.  Unvaccinated international travelers must follow the quarantine guidance above for domestic travel.  For more information, visit the CDC website.


Please contact your School Nurse via email to share the date of return to New Jersey and navigate through the next steps to safely complete the required quarantine if necessary.


CDC Travel Recommendations: CDC Travel during COVID-19


NJ Travel Advisory