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New Jersey Youth Art Month

March is designated as New Jersey Youth Art Month (#NJYAM) and there is a lot of good news to share about the Visual and Performing Arts at Ramsey High School.


This Winter, 35 Ramsey music students participated in the inaugural NJ State Solo and Ensemble Festival, sponsored by Arts Ed NJ, one of the state’s most prominent advocacy groups for arts education in NJ Schools. The Solo and Ensemble festival was launched to recognize student achievement in music education, and it has provided an alternate way for many of the state’s best musicians to gain recognition which otherwise would have come through acceptance to region and state honor ensembles, which had to be cancelled this year because of the pandemic.


Students participating in the festival could choose to perform music in three levels of rigor based upon their musical background and experience. After submitting their recordings, each performance was assessed by a national panel of judges, and each student received personal feedback. Finally, students received a rating based upon the score assigned by the judge. We are very proud to announce that our students received a total of 5 Gold, 12 Silver, and 9 Bronze ratings!!! 


In addition, 4 students who participated in the hardest musical category received Gold ratings and qualified to participate in the State Invitational Solo Festival later this spring. Those students pictured below (clockwise from top left) are Abigail Schwartz (voice), Andrew Kropas (trombone), Anika Mukherjee (voice), and Brandon Hwang, who qualified on both voice and piano!


As part of Youth Arts Month, visual art teacher Mrs. Danielle Robertson submitted artwork from 13 students to the AENJ Youth Art Month Exhibition…..and all 13 students had their work accepted to the Bergen County Exhibition!!! If that wasn’t amazing enough, three of our students - Annabel Kazias, Lily Teklinski, and Robert Twohig - had their work accepted to the NJ State Exhibition. Congratulations to all of our wonderful student artists.


Also at Ramsey High School, our select acapella group, The Ram Jams, competed in the quarter-final round of the 2021 ICHSA tournament. Not only did the Ram Jams win their quarter-final bracket, but they had the highest score in the entire Mid-Atlantic Region! Now, for the 2nd time in school history the Ram Jams move onto the semi-finals, which occurs in early April. Good luck!