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Dater School - Science Instruction Presentation

Tuesday night's presentation was about science Instruction at Dater School.  

Mrs. Falcone, Supervisor of Science, opened the presentation with an overview of the science standards including an emphasis on the use of real-world phenomenon as opportunities for students to make sense of the world through science.  Grade 4 teachers Mrs. Davidson and Ms. Calendrillo then highlighted the use of interactive notebooks as an instructional tool in science class.  This was followed by a presentation on Data Talks in Grade 5 Science.  Teachers Mrs. Gesualdo and Ms. Thomson explained how Data Talks give students the opportunity to grow in their data literacy skills as they are asked to read, interpret, and analyze various data which might come in the form of graphs, pictures, videos, or numerical data sets.  Finally, Dr. Dinning, Mrs. Khoury (Enrichment teacher), and Mr. Quinlan (Special Education teacher) gave an overview of the two new extracurricular offerings focused on science: the Lego Engineering Club and the STEM Wow! Fair.

Everyone involved in the presentation impressed with their depth of knowledge and ability to articulate how science instruction at Dater works to further our goals of Developing a Ramsey Graduate and Teaching for Understanding.

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