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Message from Board of Education President - Laura Behrmann

January 8, 2021

Dear Ramsey and Saddle River Communities:

I never thought my role as Board of Education president would require so much knowledge about public health, but here we are. Big thanks goes to our staff, our students and their parents. We’re counting on all of them to make the next six months something special.

As a mom, I’ve had to lower my expectations this school year. Dinner isn’t always timely, nutritious, or harmonious. Sometimes I fall short of adequate sleep; sometimes I snap when I shouldn’t. Everyone is making concessions to COVID, by intention or not. Thankfully, in Ramsey, our grounding comes from the competencies outlined in the Profile of a Ramsey Graduate and infused in everything we do. In this unusual year, I believe those goals and achievements are even more important. Adaptability, Empathy, Self-Direction, Creativity … It’s as if we drew up a list of universally applicable traits and aimed for them (and that’s exactly what we did!) as a way to help our students navigate whatever their future holds..

In 2020, we overcame such obstacles and pulled together so impressively as a community that it is very tempting to look back -- to see what we achieved despite challenges. That’s called “resting on your laurels,” and Ramsey School District has never done that. We are in the habit of nudging the bar up and assessing how to best reach its new height. Citizens are always encouraged to share their thoughts through our public meetings. Together, with group decision-making, we make Ramsey School District great!

Laura Behrmann
President, Ramsey Board of Education