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Celebrate What's Right - A Look Back at 2020

I thought it appropriate to use the December newsletter to look back at previous newsletters to highlight the great things that have happened this year despite our challenges.  I chose one picture from each month that I thought showed the spirit of the Ramsey School District and also highlighted how much this year has been unprecedented.  Here is a quick preview of this "year in review":
  • January - Big Blue performs in Rome (back when we could travel)
  • February - Dater celebrates Read Across America (back when we could gather in groups)
  • March - Remote learning requires Smith teachers to adapt their instructional delivery
  • April - Remote learning requires Tisdale traditions to be reimagined
  • May - Despite the challenges of remote learning, dozens of Ramsey High School seniors completed their Profile Projects and defended their learning in front of a panel (on Zoom of course)
  • June - Ramsey High School holds a successful graduation
  • September - The Dater band adapts to hybrid teaching by practicing outdoors
  • October - Ms. Moore takes advantage of our new comfort with technology to connect with a Ramsey alumnus who works in the Foreign Service
  • November - Hubbard teachers hold parent-teacher meetings using teleconferencing
  • December - Mr. Veit presents to the Board of Education and shares Holiday Card
I would also like this thank our retirees for their service to the district and wish them the best in their retirement.  They are:
  • Cliff Bialkin, Ramsey High School Director of Bands
  • Nancy DiSalvo, Hubbard School Psychologist 
  • Kelly Hasslinger, Ramsey High School Wellness teacher
  • Dave Muschko, Dater Head Custodian
  • Nancy Riffel, Hubbard School Office Assistant
Finally, I wish all of you a much-deserved winter break and I will see you all in 2021.
All my best,
Andrew Matteo, Ph. D.
Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment