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Support Services

Support Services

Our School Counseling and Child Study teams understand how stressful everyone’s life has become throughout the COVID19 pandemic--both for our students and our families. The unique stressors this experience has put on us undoubtedly has challenged many of us to be able to maintain a sense of well-being and normalcy. We get it. Whether you have chosen to educate your child through our hybrid or remote learning, this experience is hard. We want to emphasize that our goal remains to support, in any way we can, both your children and you throughout this experience, regardless of the learning plan we are implementing as a school or district.

As a team, we want every Ramsey family to remember to:

  • keep in touch with your school counselor. Let us know if your student is having any challenges that can’t be answered by your student’s teacher, and we will do our best to help you find solutions for them.

  • hold family discussions often, in a comfortable place, and convey to your children that they are safe.

  • encourage family members to ask questions and consider having a separate discussion with young children in order to address specific fears or misconceptions they may have.

Please remember we have Mental Health Counselors available for both parents and students.