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Phase 2 Survey

Dear Ramsey Parents,

As Dr. Murphy previously shared, we are now in a position to gather information about the implementation of our initial reentry plan and look to improve upon Phase 1. When we presented our plan at the July 21st Board of Education meeting, we were operating on the best information available at the time with the ever-changing guidelines from the state.  It is now almost three months later and we are finishing our 7th week of school.  While we are very proud of the community effort put forth to get our schools up and running during a pandemic, we also believe that it is necessary to assess our instructional models and see how we can improve. While we would love to all be back together all the time, the current public health situation still demands that we limit the number of students in the classroom environment. 

Right now we are gathering information from various stakeholders to help us with this assessment of Phase 1 and planning for Phase 2.  Over the last two weeks, Dr. Murphy and I met with the staff at all five schools to thank them for their herculean efforts to date and ask them directly about the current model and what improvements can be made.  Of course, we are trying to look at the situation from all perspectives and would like to get your feedback to help us move forward.  To accomplish this, we have created surveys linked below.  Please read carefully before answering. The questions ask your opinions on an AM/PM model, virtual Wednesdays, full days, and asynchronous learning.  There is an open-ended question at the end for you to provide further feedback about any of these topics or any other issues related to hybrid/remote learning.

Elementary School Parent Survey

Middle and High School Parent Survey

The surveys will close on Tuesday, October 20 at 9 AM.  To give you a sense of a timeline, the next steps will include meeting with the District Restart Committee to finalize a Phase 2 instructional model with a tentative plan to move forward with that Phase 2 in mid-to-late November. We would communicate any changes as early as possible to give everyone enough time to adjust schedules accordingly.   All remote will still remain an option and should we revise our instructional model you would have the opportunity to opt into or out of all remote at that time.

Thank you again for your partnership, patience, and positive thoughts as we navigate these uncharted waters. 

Dr. Matthew Matteo
Director of Curriculum