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Crucial Dates to Notify School of Request to Change your Child's Learning Instruction

Welcome Back!

16 days with the students are in the books, Back to School Nights are complete, picture days are happening, and soon Fall sports will start up.  While at least 32 Bergen County school districts didn’t open with live instruction, and many aren’t scheduled to begin until October/November, Ramsey opened! While we had some bumps in the road, overall it has been a smooth opening. Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen.  

There is no doubt that we will continually adjust and improve our practices and schedules as we are able. We have already made tweaks in the lower grades, where virtual learning is especially challenging. Before rushing into a schedule change (remember only 16  days of school have passed), it is important that we learn from these experiences and get input from surrounding districts and our stakeholders. What is working well? What is not? This assessment will better inform our decision-making. 

Therefore, please be on the lookout for opportunities to provide feedback in October that will help determine the next phase.  

Be assured we will look at everything, including but not limited to schedule, to identify areas of improvement.

The next date that is crucial is October 2. This is the deadline for switching to or from our hybrid learning model. You should contact the school directly if you want to make that switch. Since it does not involve switching class assignments, RHS students will be able to switch their instructional model beginning October 5.  At the K-8 level, the switch will take place on Monday, October 19 as more time is required to coordinate movement between sections as most students will require a new schedule.

After this, the dates in the table below will be the next time a student can make a switch between learning models.   The first time of instruction for K-5 will line up with the first day of the second trimester while Smith and RHS students will begin the first day of their third marking period, respectively.

School                            Deadline to Notify School                     First Day of Instruction
                                       of Request to Change                           with New Model

K - 5                                 November 30                                      December 14
Smith                               January 20                                          February 1
RHS                                 January 6                                            January 20