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Dater PTO - Ramsey Strong, Supporting True Heros


A Message from the Dater PTO 

Ramsey Strong, Supporting True Heroes

As we try to navigate our way through this difficult time, many of us are also looking for ways that we can help.  We all know hospitals are inundated and restaurants are hurting. 


Ramsey is joining other communities that are coming together to support both local restaurants and also feed front line health care workers.  We are asking for donations that will allow us to order meals from the local restaurants and deliver them to the staff working the front lines in the area hospitals. We are currently working with Valley Hospital and Hackensack University Medical Center.  In addition, we will also support the foundations that support the hospitals.


Working with the hospitals, we will determine a food delivery schedule.

  There are other towns and groups that are working with each hospital in the same way allowing multiple towns to contribute and spread the load and love.


Through your donations, Dater PTO will pay the restaurants for the food they deliver to hospitals. 


Local restaurants interested in participating will be asked to prepare individual meals food for a specified number of people and deliver them to Valley Hospital/HUMC at the specified day and time. 

The restaurants will have specific requirements that they will need to follow to participate in this program; for example, provide small portions of individually wrapped food (no metal packaging) that is clearly labeled and include individually wrapped forks, napkins and knives.  In addition, they will need to adhere to any policies that the hospital has regarding delivery. 

If you are a local restaurant and are interested in participating, please contact Melissa Young-Crozet at  


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Thank you for your support! 

Stay Safe!


Best Regards, 

Dater PTO