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Happy Holidays from BOE President Laura Behrmann

Happy Holidays!

Dear Ramsey and Saddle River Communities,

There is a lot to be proud of this past year – our students and staff have achieved noteworthy milestones in academics, athletics and community building. For example, the community overwhelmingly supported both the facilities referendum AND the kindergarten budget question; a faculty member garnered a national accolade with the Milken Educator Award; our middle and high school band and chorus earned unparalleled success in regional and state competitions; over 80% of high school students participated in sports - we captured 5 league, 2 county, and 1 state sectional championships; over 100 RHS students participated in the World Challenge; our Stigma-Free and focus on mental health continues to make a positive difference in the community. While other districts focus solely on a rank or a score - we ensure a comprehensive, well-rounded experience.

I am continually struck by the uniqueness of the Ramsey family, where individuals care deeply about each other and about the well-being of neighboring communities. For me, being part of this interesting, diverse, and stimulating Ramsey family is a gift.

From our family to yours, wishing you health and happiness with the people you love this holiday season!


Laura Behrmann,

Ramsey Board of Education , President