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Grade 12 Profile Projects


Teaching and Learning Column

Grade 12 Profile Projects

By Andrew Matteo, Director of Curriculum

Over the past few months, the school presentations at each BOE meeting has focused on our district's main initiative - Developing a Ramsey Graduate. Each presentation highlighted how all five schools in the district are intentionally teaching towards and assessing the competencies we have prioritized in our Profile of a Ramsey Graduate.  Three of these presentations focused specifically on the Profile Projects that Ramsey students complete in Grades 3, 5, and 8.  At Tuesday night's final BOE meeting of the 2018-2019 school year, Ramsey High School presented on the Grade 12 Profile Projects.

Dr. Thumm led off by explaining how the Grade 12 Profile Project is the capstone experience for the K-12 student experience in Ramsey.  As such, it is designed to give students a chance to further develop and demonstrate the competencies of the Profile of a Ramsey Graduate.  Mr. Esdale then discussed the components of the Grade 12 Profile Project, explained the different options students have for completing a Profile Project and listed examples of completed projects this year.  

Dr. Thumm and Mr. Esdale then turned it over to two graduating seniors, Christopher Hurley and Kara Arbadji, who explained their recently completed Profile Projects to the BOE and the rest of the audience.  Chris Hurley's Project involved bringing the program Stop the Bleed to Ramsey High School by training 16 staff members in Bleeding Control Basics and acquiring supplies for the district.  He explained what he learned going through this authentic learning experience in his final year of high school and highlighted how he felt he grew as a learner and person, especially in the areas of self-direction, communication, adaptability, and responsibility.  Kara Arbadji discussed the process she went through in completing her Profile Project, which was about creating healthy snacks to fuel athletes.  Her process included researching macronutrients, surveying high school athletics, and experimenting with various recipes. She completed her part of the presentation by explaining how the Grade 12 Profile Project helped her develop her skills specifically in the areas of academic mindset, collaboration, self-direction, and creativity.