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8th Grade Profile Project

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Be The Change - Mr. Herre explaining the Grade 8 Profile Project to the Board of Education.

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Kaylin Bessler, Brittany Perrotti, and Kristin Fullam explaining how the project was developed.

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Lori Militello discussing how the Grade 8 Profile Project focuses on the 4C's from the Profile of a Ramsey Graduate.


At the February 26, 2019 Board of Education Meeting, Principal Herre and four 8th grade teachers (Kaylin Bessler, Brittany Perrotti, Lori Militello, and Kristin Fullam) made a presentation about a unique learning experience for all 8th graders that we are calling Be the Change: Grade 8 Profile Project. Using all of the skills highlighted in the Profile of a Ramsey Graduate, the 8th grade class will be given the opportunity to devise a solution for real-world problems, through a local, national, or world lens, that is of interest to them. Students will choose from the following broad topics: wellness, community building, innovation, social justice, and sustainability. We are hoping students will find something they are passionate about and be able to explore it over these four days in June. Students will work in small groups and will have the choices of planning and building a prototype, creating an action plan (i.e. a campaign), or creating a showpiece (visual and performing arts) as a way to showcase their innovative solution to a real-world problem. All along the way, students will be supported by our entire 8th-grade teaching staff.

As you know, our school community has collaboratively developed a Profile of a Ramsey Graduate that spells out the most important student competencies that we aim to develop in all Ramsey students before they graduate from Ramsey High School in order to set them up for success after they graduate. One way that we are making this vision come to fruition is through Profile Projects that all students will complete in the four culminating grades in our schools (3, 5, 8, 12). , Over the next few months, each BOE meeting at the respective schools will focus on how the schools are intentionally “Developing the Ramsey Graduate” through Profile Projects and other instructional opportunities. The dates and locations are listed below. Hopefully, you can join us!

  • March 26 - Dater School - Grade 5 Profile Project
  • April 23 - Hubbard - Developing a Ramsey Graduate in K-2
  • May 7 - Tisdale - Grade 3 Profile Project
  • June 18 - RHS - Grade 12 Profile Project