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January is School Board Recognition Month


BOE 2019

Left to right: Ralph Caputo, Nicholas Capuano, Laura Behrmann, President, Keri Walsh, Vice-President,

Andrea Lamendola, Anthony Socci, Jennifer Burns, Nick Schifano, James Meiman


Ramsey's Board of Education plays  an essential role in our students’ lives. They oversee  our five public schools and provide educational services to nearly 2,800 children. They set the policies for our schools and make important decisions affecting curriculum, financing and staffing. Ramsey  School Board members devote countless hours – with no compensation – to the oversight and advancement of our children’s education.

January 2019 is the 15th annual School Board Recognition Month in New Jersey, a time to raise public awareness of the role and responsibilities of local boards of education and to thank our community’s school board members for their efforts. Click here to view the resolution thanking them.