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K-5 Literacy Parent Academy

Teaching and Learning Column

By Andrew Matteo, Director of Curriculum

and Carmen Lacherza, Supervisor of English Language Arts


On Thursday, October 25 the district hosted its latest Parent Academy on ways to support K-5 literacy at home with literacy consultant and author Dr. Gravity Goldberg.  Dr. Goldberg and her team have been working with the Ramsey School District over the past five years to foster a love of reading, writing, and thinking deeply about the world in our students.  Her team has had a huge impact on how our educators view reading and writing instruction, and this night served as a great way to reinforce the importance of making reading and writing a part of our daily lives. 

Outside of Ramsey, Dr. Goldberg has dedicated herself to helping create learning environments that are individualized, supportive, and responsive to students’ needs.  In doing so, Dr. Goldberg has worked with schools across the country to explore literacy,  curriculum, assessment, special education, and learning technology.

Over the course of the evening, Dr. Goldberg shared many fun and easy strategies that K-5 parents can use at home or while traveling.  In particular, she emphasized the importance of reading aloud and supporting their thinking without making it feel like a quiz or work. For example, parents may share what they thought about a chapter or page, or they may ask, “What did you think about this?”  Dr. Goldberg also noted the importance of celebrating writing. This could be dedicating a few minutes every day to sharing stories, providing fancy paper or notebooks, or giving them a real audience, like a letter to a grandparent. In addition, Dr. Goldberg emphasized the importance of focusing on the child’s effort and helping them reflect on their process. Dr. Goldberg’s full presentation. Click here for the Parent Literacy Workshop presentation.  

Dr. Gravity Goldberg presenting at Dater                               

Dr. Gravity Goldberg

presenting at Dater School


Carmen Lacherza welcoming parents






Mr. Carmen Lacherza,

the District's Supervisor of

English Languge Arts,

welconing parents and

introducing Dr. Golberg.