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Curriculum Related Parent Academies

Parent Academies focus on Curriculum

This year the District is offering two Parent Academies focused on curriculum.  The first was held on Thursday, October 11 at Smith School. The focus of this night was the Connected Mathematics program, which is being implemented in Grade 6 and 7 this year.  Nancy Schultz of Conquer Math led a group of about two dozen parents through a Connected Mathematics lesson with the hope of providing them a better understanding of the lesson structure and the teaching philosophy behind the program.  There were also several Ramsey staff members in attendance including Smith math teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators. We have put together this resource with more information about the math program at Smith.  It explains the research behind the program, lists other high-achieving districts that are using it, outlines a typical day, and provides ideas for supporting your child.

The next curriculum-focused Parent Academy will take place on Thursday, October 25 in the Dater Media Center at 7 PM.  In this parent workshop, author and consultant Gravity Goldberg will share some fun and easy ways to support your child’s literacy at home. This includes ways to engage students in reading, writing, and thinking deeply about the world. Dr. Goldberg and her team have been working with the K-5 schools as they have implemented the Balanced Literacy approach over the past six years and are in their second year working with the middle school teachers.