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Profile of a Ramsey Graduate

Teaching and Learning Column

Profile of a Ramsey Graduate

By Andrew Matteo, Director of Curriculum

At the June 26th Board of Education meeting, I made a presentation to the Board of Education about the Profile of a Ramsey Graduate. Later in the meeting they officially adopted the Profile of a Ramsey Graduate through a formal resolution.  You can see the Profile of a Ramsey Graduate below and here is a link to a PDF version with definitions of each competency.

The Profile of a Ramsey Graduate, which grew out of and now replaces A Ramsey Student Will, provides a clear vision of what we, as a school community, hope all Ramsey students will possess and be able to demonstrate by the time they walk across that graduation stage after having benefited from 13 years of an education that has intentionally fostered these competencies. The Profile of a Ramsey Graduate will serve as our "north star" for all curriculum, instruction, and assessment work in the upcoming years. 

Although this is part of a national movement, I am proud to announce that the Ramsey School District is the first K-12 district in the state of New Jersey to adopt a Profile of a Graduate!

But the most important work lies in front of us.  This summer there are hundreds of units being written to explicitly teach and assess many of these competencies. Furthermore, groups of teachers from all five schools will be working on Profile Projects for Grades 3, 5, 8, and 12. These Profile Projects will give students the opportunity at the culmination of each phase of their schooling in Ramsey to show their growth in these areas that we, as a school community, have determined are the most important. 

Again, thank you for all of your feedback and support this year. I hope you have a wonderful summer.