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Ramsey School District - Referendum

The Ramsey School District is considering posing a referendum question next year asking residents to support the district’s capital improvement plans at the state-allowed maximum.  The referendum for consideration would help ensure that our facilities and programming are current and reflect the type of learning experiences that we expect but can not afford due to our inadequate state funding.

The Ramsey Board of Education is establishing an ad hoc Referendum Steering Committee to help assess and consider the impact to the district, with and without a referendum. We welcome volunteers to apply.  Ideally, this Committee will include representatives from all facets of the Ramsey Community including and not limited to school administrators, teachers, students and community members who will focus on changes needed for the district to ensure our students are meeting today's ever-changing, 21st-century learning initiative. We are interested in committee members with various professional and personal backgrounds (i.e., architects, engineers, educators, realtors, financial professionals, parents of current students, senior members of our community, etc.).

Committee members must be willing to make a serious commitment to participate actively in the work of this committee.  The term will run for approximately one year and the Committee will meet monthly at a minimum. Responsibilities include the assessment and analysis of the impacts and definition of a proposed referendum.  The Committee will prepare a report with its recommendations to the Board of Education. If it is determined that the district should move forward with the referendum, the Committee would help develop the initial referendum draft and continue to provide direction and guidance to the Board as the initial proposal and designs may be refined. Furthermore, they would help educate and inform residents and voters on the impacts and benefits of the referendum.

If you are interesting in applying, please send a letter of interest and a resume by October 1 to Mr. Tom O'Hern, Business Administrator/Board Secretary: