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Boxtops Collection date - February 12th

Welcome to the new school year! Box Tops are an important part of Hubbard’s fundraising endeavors.

Last year it earned Hubbard School close to $1,000!

The new Box Tops program is transitioning to an all-digital platform and eventually, there will no longer be any traditional Box Tops. Keep clipping those tops while you can, and additionally, start scanning your receipts even if you are not sure you purchased anything worthy of scanning! Download the Box Tops for Education app, search for Hubbard School as the school you are redeeming for, and start scanning any and all receipts to earn Hubbard money.  Once you scan a receipt you will receive a confirmation email indicating what you have earned for that receipt. Since this is still a competition among the classes, please forward those confirmation emails to with the name of your child’s teacher as the subject line. You can also click on “My Earnings” in the app and screenshot the recent earnings and email that with the name of your child’s teacher.

For those families that do not typically purchase box top products, we will also be collecting dimes! One dime equals one Box Top!

Thank you for your continued support and efforts!

19.20 Collection Dates:
October 23rd
December 11th
February 12th
June 3rd

Visit for a list of participating products and ways to earn additional Box Tops from the Box Tops Bonus app, Shop Rite for My School program, and more.

The Hubbard class for each grade level that collects the most Box Tops, will enjoy a special classroom celebration at the end of the school year.  So keep clipping and sending them in!

Visit the PTO Website for more details!