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Let Children Play

Click here for the Let Children Play site and to learn about the project and sponsorship opportunities


Hubbard School is the recipient of a $10, 000 grant from the Ramsey Public Education Foundation to begin the process of creating the “Let Children Play” playground.  This playground will be a natural playground within the boundaries of the circle in the front of the building. This grant will support working with a developer, Learning Landscapes Design, to create a site plan and add one focal piece of equipment.  Our generous parent community represented by the PTO, will contribute this year’s Gift to School of $16,000 to the project as well to complete the focal piece installation and begin phase II.  Here is a link to a planning and development website for this project.

This project is a labor of love and could take multiple years to complete, but we are hoping that, with the support of the entire community, it gets completed sooner than projected!  

Here's what we need:

We need all stakeholders invested in our children’s well being and this is their chance to really demonstrate that commitment!  This is a community project! Get everyone you know on board with the plan for development and to be hands on during the design and installation!

Thank you for taking the time to consider being a part of this wonderful opportunity!