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NJ Governor's Educator of the Year and Educational Support Services Professional of the Year at Hubbard School

January 2020

Dear Mary A. Hubbard School Community,

It is with a full heart and the utmost respect that we announce the New Jersey Governor’s Educator of the Year and Educational Support Services Professional of the year for Mary A. Hubbard School.  The program is designed to highlight educational innovation, student achievement, the rewards of teaching, and important services outside the classroom environment that lead to student success. The Hubbard School Community recognizes these attributes in the daily work of Educator, Mrs. Tonianne Chanatski, First Grade Teacher and Educational Support Services Professional, Mrs.Kathy Pandise, Hubbard School Media Specialist.  Both of these exceptional professionals are truly a central component of the incredible experiences each and every child have at of Mary A. Hubbard School.

Mrs. Tonianne Chanatski was recognized for being an outstanding, strong, innovative, creative educator.  She reaches each and every one of her students and genuinely knows them inside and out. Everything she does each and every day is done with the complete intention of supporting the whole child.  Mrs. Chanatski is a master teacher who is well versed in developmental norms and holds high expectations for her students; meeting them exactly where they are and pushing them to meet their fullest potential. Mrs. Chanatski is a very supportive, collaborative colleague and a tremendous resource for best practices across all subject areas.  She enhances each and every lesson with a wide variety of instructional strategies and high level technology integration. Mrs. Chanatski has exemplary classroom management and community building skills. Mrs. Chanatski is a huge asset to Hubbard School students, parents and staff.

Mrs. Kathryn Pandise was recognized for being a strong, dedicated and inspiring teacher, a central part of the staff and the epitome of professionalism.  Her energy and passion for learning and delivering a cutting edge, 21st century experience to each and every student is contagious. Mrs. Pandise raises the level of literacy engagement in classes everyday and makes strong literacy connections with our families at the two incredible book fairs she leads annually.  Mrs. Pandise brings in stellar authors who have stories from their youth that inspire our own students to take risks in writing. Mrs. Pandise has transformed the library into a makerspace and into a place where innovative activities connected to literacy consistently take place. Mrs. Pandise is a tremendous colleague and part of the Hubbard School Community. 

Please join me in congratulating Mrs. Chanatski and Mrs. Pandise on this wonderful honor.