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NJ Governor's Educator of the Year and Educational Support Services Professional of the Year at Hubbard School

January 2022


It is with a full heart and the utmost respect that we announce the New Jersey Governor’s Educator of the Year and Educational Support Services Professional of the year for Mary A. Hubbard School.  The program is designed to highlight educational innovation, student achievement, the rewards of teaching, and important services outside the classroom environment that lead to student success. The Hubbard School Community recognizes these attributes in the daily work of Educator, Miss Christina Bivona, First Grade Teacher and Educational Support Services Professional, Mrs. Laura Capuano, School Nurse.  Both of these exceptional professionals are truly a central component of the incredible experiences each and every child has at Mary A. Hubbard School.


Governor’s Educator of the Year 2021

Miss Christina Bivona, First Grade Teacher
Miss Bivona is an innovative and kind hearted teacher who is always positive and open to new ideas.  She has wonderful relationships with her students, their families, and the staff at Hubbard.  She always goes above and beyond with her students, getting to know them as individuals, differentiating instruction to meet their unique needs and wants the best for them. With her coworkers, Christina is just as supportive. She is always willing to drop whatever it is that she is working on to help a coworker in need. She is a team player,  shares her ideas with her team and is a role model for her peers.
Congratulations Miss Bivona!  


Governor’s Education Specialist of the Year 2021

Mrs. Laura Capuano, RN, School Nurse
Mrs. Capuano is so patient and always has the interest of the students and teachers in mind.  She stays positive and makes the children feel at ease when they don't feel good or are hurt. She has a great relationship with our students, truly cares about them and is dedicated to her profession.  She is a calm, logical and knowledgeable nurse and anyone is able to go to her with confidence with questions and concerns.  She is never judgmental and has a way to dignify any concerns  professionally and respectfully.  How can you talk about Laura and not talk about what her job and responsibilities were during the pandemic?  She worked, and continues to work tirelessly to keep our school safe.  She is so knowledgeable, makes certain that families and staff do what is required, manages a range of people’s emotions throughout this challenging time and still always has a smile.
Congratulations Mrs. Capuano! 

I hope you will join me in celebrating these two incredible professionals.  If you have the good fortune of working with either of them, feel free to send an email for Miss Bivona or for Mrs. Capuano.