Visual Arts

  • Visual Arts Overview

    At Ramsey High School, students have a wide variety of visual arts courses available to them, and each year nearly 40% of the student body takes a course in the visual arts. Courses range from increasingly rigorous survey courses like Visual Arts I, II, & III to more specialized courses in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Computer Graphics, Commercial Art, and Jewelry. In addition there is a two-year sequence of courses available in Ceramics and Sculpture. Students engage deeply with the creative process by exploring materials and media, identifying design problems, and coming up with creative solutions in order to fully express their ideas. Each year, our senior art students get accepted to some of the most selective art schools in the country.


    A Note of Course Selections for students Considering a Major in the Visual Arts...

    Students planning on majoring in the fine arts in commercial art relayted careers are strongly encouraged to take Visual Arts I in the 9th grade year or as soon as a student's career interest develops.  The progressive sequence of Visual Arts I, Visual Arts II, Visual Arts III and Independent Study/Portfolio will prepare students for college/art school by providing a guided structure for continued advancement. Other electives in the visual arts may be taken at any time in a student's high school career to strengthen their skills.

    Recommended Sequence
    9th Grade - Visual Arts I
    10th Grade - Visual Arts II
    11th Grade - Visual Arts III
    12th Grade - Independent Study/Portfolio

    Other Visual Arts Electives to be taken between 9th - 12th Grades
    Ceramics and Sculpture
    Advanced Ceramics and Sculpture
    Computer Graphics
    Introduction to Commercial Art
    Jewelry Making
    Interior Design
    Fashion Design


    This year's District Visual Arts Show will take place on May 8 & 9, 2018.