In Mrs. Groenveld's science class we are finishing our digestion unit. Students will then create science board games. They will come up with the questions, rules, how to play, and create the game board themselves. When all the games are complete, we will play the board games and see how much we have learned in 4th grade Science!


    In math class students are beginning their math unit on Measurement. Students will learn how to measure with a ruler to the nearest 1/8 of an inch. Students will learn both customary and metric units of measurement, including weight and distance. Students will also work on finding elapsed time, and making change by counting up. Students will continue to work in stations and centers, play math games, and learn some new games. Ask your child to teach you one. They are a lot of fun!!


    **Students are still working on reaching their Mad Minute goal of passing all multiplication and division fact Mad Minutes. Be sure to study your multiplication facts.  Students need to know facts 0-9 by heart!!! Right now we have some students in division! Way to Go!!!!


    **IXL will continue with 1 hour due every 2 weeks. Our grand champ is the child who completes the most amount of minutes in both math classes. We also have a first place winner and a second place winner from each class. Keep working hard!!