Fall 2016
    Dear Ramsey High School Parents:
    Amazingly summer has gone by and a new school year has arrived. On behalf of the Ramsey High School Athletic Association (RHSAA), we would like to welcome everyone back and wish all our students and their families a great year both in the classroom and on the athletic fields. The Ramsey High School Athletic Department is led by Jim Grasso, our Athletic Director, who along with the coaches and many others you may never see on the field, will all work tirelessly to make sure our students are provided with a tremendous opportunity to compete and display their talents. We at the RHSAA thank them for all their efforts on behalf of our children.
    The purpose and commitment of the RHSAA, is to build on what is provided by RHS and enhance the overall high school experience of all our student athletes. We work towards this goal in a number of ways including, the encouragement of off-the-field parental involvement, the promotion of overall school spirit and the raising of funds to provide financial support to the Athletic Program and our student athletes. Our financial support provides such items as scholarships to our Senior athletes (10 - $500 scholarships in 2016), facility upgrades, and equipment beyond the Athletic Department budget.
    We are dedicated to continuing to provide this opportunity for your children and we invite you to join us. Please accept this invitation and become a part of the Ramsey High School Athletic Association and help make a difference! We offer a tiered membership program with three levels available, Family ($50), Blue ($100) and Gold ($190). Each level provides you with our annual Calendar packed with information and photos of our students. In addition, our Blue and Gold members will receive new 2015 sporting apparel to proudly wear (detailed on membership form). Also for our members and anyone wanting to show off their RHS spirit please review the clothing order form enclosed for excellent choices to spruce up the wardrobe
    While your decision to join the RHSAA, as a member will help us achieve the financial goals we have, the lifeblood of our organization is the time and effort put in by our members. We have been fortunate to achieve success through the hard work from many parents who now may be winding down their involvement as their children graduate. Therefore, please also bring your talents, ideas and suggestions to our meetings and join us at our events. The camaraderie and friendships of fellow parents working to support our student athletes can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.
    RHSAA meetings are held on the second Monday of each month during the school year at 7:30pm at the High School. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Bruce Vozeh (201-914-2076) for more information.
    Sincerely yours,
    Ramsey High School Athletic Association
    Bruce Vozeh