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Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

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    Common Core State Standards

    As part of a national education reform effort, new content standards in mathematics and English/language arts have been adopted by New Jersey and forty-five other states. The Common Core State Standards were developed through a joint initiative by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State Officers. (read more).

    21stCentury Skills Initiative

    There is a broad national and international consensus among K-12 educators, colleges, and universities, the business sector, and government that a strong foundation in content knowledge, coupled with a specific set of “21st century skills,” is needed by our students to be successful in a complex society with a changing global economy and advanced technology. Dr. Wiener commented on the changing needs of this generation in his speech to the students receiving the Scholastic R Award at Ramsey High School (read more).
    Ramsey's One-To-One iPad Initiative
    The 20thCentury model of schooling is undergoing significant change as the demands of the 21st Century present new problems and challenges. The 21st Century will require an individual that is a self-directed, independent learner, who can access,process, and analyze vast amounts of information, think critically, produce newand innovative solutions and products, understand and appreciate multipleperspectives, compete on a global scale, and utilize modern technologies. Ramsey’s iPad Initiative will provide students with the technology that will equip them for learning in a changing educational environment and prepare them for an increasingly complex, demanding and competitive global economy (read more).
    21st Century Initiative: