The mission of the Ramsey Public Schools is to develop successful individuals who will possess the knowledge, skills and values necessary to become independent, self-fulfilled persons in a complex global society and to raise the level of expectation for all students through a challenging academic and co-curricular program conducted in a caring and intellectually stimulating environment.


    We believe that…

    Education is vital to the preservation of a democratic society

    Education is a shared responsibility of educators, parents, students, and the community

    All people have worth

    All people can learn

    Schools have the responsibility to create and foster an environment that respects the diverse cultural and ethnic heritage of all individuals to strive to achieve their maximum potential

    The educational process must address the inherent differences of the learners

    Schools must anticipate and meet the changing needs and nature of the community

    Success and self-esteem are interdependent and promote learning

    Ethics is an essential component of education

    Adult members of the school community have the responsibility to be positive role models for students

    School systems are accountable to their students and community for the development, implementation and evaluation of a comprehensive educational program responsive to student needs and societal changes.