Technology Education Department

  • The Technology Education Department offers students a variety of opportunities within the general education program of study.

    Courses are designed to allow college and non-college bound students the choice of experiences which will help them function within our technological society. A diversified and constantly evolving curriculum provides for the application of academic knowledge. Classroom experiences include design, analysis, critique of one’s works, communication, creative use of materials for fabrication, problem solving, research, and application of computer related software and technology.

    In association with the Ramsey Board of Education’s philosophy,  the following objectives are considered relevant:

    1. To provide students an opportunity to become aware of the importance of technology in our daily existence.

    2. To develop an understanding of technological systems and  resources as they apply to consumer products.

    3. To enlighten the students as to the career opportunities available  within our technological society.

    4. To engage students in meaningful first hand experiences with industrial / technological practices and procedures.

    5. To foster a sense of accomplishment, creativity, self-pride, responsibility, and safety in each student.

RHS Tech Ed Faculty